Delray Beach, FL, USA

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Client Testimonials

~Ari A., FB Post during CMW Client 12 Days of Fitmas Challenge!

~Sophie M., FB Live Post during CMW Client 12 Days of Fitmas Challenge!

"Kristin has been absolutely instrumental to me losing weight in a healthy way that worked with my lifestyle. She took the time to not only push me to get the most from my workouts, but to also create a nutrition plan that was realistic and most importantly, that I could follow and tweak to my diet. She has empowered me to become more conscious about what my whole family eats to lead a healthier life. Bonus: she is also fun to be around!"

 ~Tahmina N.

"This program exceeded my expectations. I had specific targets from a health improvement perspective and in just 7 weeks I achieved significant reductions in blood sugar and hypertension levels, in addition to losing 12 lbs. My doctor was very impressed that I could make so much progress in such a short period of time. This would not have been possible without this program. Kristin's knowledge of fitness and nutrition is very impressive, but it's her total commitment to her client's success that is the game changer. She has the rare talent to inspire and enforce accountability that is the true recipe for success."

~Todd T.

"I wanted to get back in shape after two kids and felt like my workout routine and nutrition was not cutting it anymore. I heard about Kristin through a friend of mine and she mentioned that she was a personal trainer but also focused on nutrition. I am so happy that I reached out to her! Her workouts are amazing, very motivating and she mixes it up so you never get bored! She is very encouraging with diet and is never judgemental. Extremely educated on all aspects of food and nutrition. I feel very comfortable with her. Full of positive energy! She has helped me change my lifestyle!!"

~Cailin A.

"I needed help with my nutrition and started working with Kristin based on a friend's recommendation and I'm so glad I did! Kristin came up with a great, very realistic plan for me and has been adjusting both my diet and exercise plan as we go along. She's very encouraging and motivating and always available for questions! What I loved mostly about her is that she didn't give me a quick fad diet to lose a few pounds, she worked with me to come up with a lifestyle change that's realistic and sustainable."

~Julie P.

"Kristin is one of the happiest, most energetic, outgoing human beings I've met. She's dependable and motivating. Simply, Kristin is the type of person you want to surround yourself with - especially while trying to achieve personal goals. I have always been an active person but hit a wall with workouts as my job become more time consuming. I have limited time and was looking for the best "bang for my buck." I was also simply bored doing the same routines time and time again. And to add to that, I was trying to loose body fat and build muscle... while training for a long distance running race. Not the easiest task, but I knew exactly who I was going to for help.


At the time, Kristin was in FL, and I was living in VA. We setup a consultation and she immediately helped create an awesome plan tailored to my needs and goals. It was exciting to have something new and planned! The new moves were practical, not intimidating (but VERY challenging), and they were all planned and mapped out, so they didn't require too much brain power. I felt like I could just take the workout sheet she wrote for me and go to the gym without thinking, which was a huge bonus for me.


I followed Kristin's custom 12- week plan and followed some of her nutrition suggestions. Did I do every workout or complete every rep? Nope. Did I rule out all junk food or wine? Nope. But I lost body fat and PR-ed in a 10 mile race. Even being states away, Kristin was my accountability partner. I cannot give her a higher recommendation and by investing in her professional expertise, you'll be thrilled with that same investment to yourself... She helps gets you RESULTS!"

~Katie R.

"Kristin is excellent! She has extensive knowledge about both fitness and nutrition. She alters routines to accommodate injuries and to attain your goals. She's very motivating, always on time and professional. She was able to help me accomplish everything I wanted by a specific date. I highly recommend Kristin!"

~Domenique T.