• Kristin Akbasli

Welcome to my Blog!

Updated: Jan 30, 2019

After years of helping family, friends, and clients with their health and wellness goals, I'm finally putting my words to paper (err... keyboard?!)! Here, I'll shed light on frequently asked questions, hot topics, science, and my own editorials in health, fitness, and nutrition!

This picture above isn't the best quality, but it perfectly depicts my love for dessert! I'll post sweet, healthy recipes here from time to time!

What can members do?

As a member of my blog, you can write/ reply to comments, meet other members with similar interests, and receive blog notifications. Each member gets his/her own personal profile page that can be customized!

I would love to build this community into an open forum. I'd love your feedback, questions, concerns, and experiences regarding any content that I post. My mission is not only to educate readers, but also to influence the health and wellness industry!

I may have started in this industry as a Group Fitness Instructor, but I've grown through my work with clients, continuing education, exemplary leadership and colleagues, personal reflection, and relentless passion to change the way we look at healthy eating, fitness, and accountability.

I hope you enjoy the blog!

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