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Health & Fitness Coaching

Overwhelmed by the amount of nutrition information on the Internet, and not sure what works for you? Tired of the same old workout routines and not getting any results? Learn how to lose weight and stay motivated to workout, without counting calories or spending hours in the gym!

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Health & Weight Loss Transformation Program

If you struggle with emotional eating, self-sabotage, anxiety, and “life” getting in the way of your consistency and success, this is the program for you! Conquer your cravings, the “all or nothing” mentality, and your fears of failure. You’ll learn all of this, in addition to Kristin’s Food Freedom method for weight loss and health.

bailey's Story

Bailey came to me not really for weight loss, but she wanted to lean out, improve her workouts, and let go of her stresses with food. And that’s exactly what we did in 6 weeks! We were able to find new favorite foods on a college student budget, no more counting macros, leaning out while eating burritos and drinking tequila and watermelon juice, and no more spending money on supplements and protein powders that don’t serve her! This girl is on fire and I’m so happy she’s finally happy!

Abby's Story

Abby’s transformation started with me in April 2020. This former Keto dieter believed cutting carbs and her favorite foods was the only way she could lose weight. Even though she lived downtown, she hated walking, even a few blocks. She Ubered everywhere. She felt stuck at home during COVID, living in a big city yet feeling like she couldn’t do anything. She was snacking WAY more than she needed to. She had always been a stress-eater, and could never control popcorn, chips, and sweets. So she signed up for my 14-day Healthy at Home Challenge in the middle of April, and the rest is history. From mid-April-July 2020, she lost 25 lbs working with me in Create my Weight (my 12-week program) with Food Freedom-- eating bread and butter for breakfast (her favorite) and not being afraid of carbs. This former stress-eater, even during the MOST stressful time in her life, kept up her healthy lifestyle. That’s a grand total of 45 lbs and 31 inches!

elise's Story

Elise found me online back in May and was ready for some serious change. She had tried SO many diets and workout programs before, but nothing seemed to stick. Even when she ate healthy and followed a workout routine, nothing worked for her. So she enrolled in my 12-week program and little did she know how much changing her MINDSET would change everything! And so our work together started. And now, she's 20 lbs down and LOVES everything about her new life she's creating!

jenn's Story

Jenn, a busy mom of 2 who works full-time in the hospitality industry (crazy hours and always surrounded by amazing food!), was successfully able to lose the weight she wanted! Prior to starting her work with me, she considered herself a “Foodie” (she’s an AMAZING baker and her husband makes homemade pasta!) and didn’t think she’d ever be able to lose the weight. I told her right away that I would not take away her beloved wine, sweet treats, or date nights with her husband. Without strict dieting, she lost 17 lbs and gained SO much confidence in her ability to live with #foodfreedom and become the FIT Foodie Mama she wanted to be!

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