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Most importantly for Danita, she:

✅Improved her energy

✅Cleared up her skin

✅Banished bloating

✅Learned how to eat FOR HER BODY

✅Realized why her 5x a week workouts weren't getting her results!

Did all of this at age 57!

"If you really knew me you would know that I was a compulsive snacker, I ate one meal a day, I never knew what to eat, I always got bored with my meals, I was a potato chip connoisseur (Lays Jalapeno kettle chips to be exact), I loved bagels, I ate anything salty, I loved my Yasso yogurt pops, my KIND bars, I ate wheat bread because I thought it was good for you, I did HIIT exercise 5X a week and thought I led an “active” life.

What I didn’t know was …. Everything I listed above didn’t serve me. Since I work from home I was living a “sedentary” life, I was extremely swollen, acne breakouts and at age 57, weight loss was NOT my goal … I wanted to honor and “fuel” my body so it would run like a well oiled machine.

Then my dream came true and I met Kristin.
Kristin NEVER deprived me from what I love to eat … she introduced me to ‘cleaner alternatives". So for 12 weeks, I went on a “Treasure” hunt … discovering “new” foods and “choosing” what worked for me and what didn’t. Developing new habits along the way. I’ve been drinking 80oz of water a day, learned how to read food labels, switched my exercise routine, walked everyday (NEAT), and can still go out to eat!. As a result, I lost 13lbs down 2 dress sizes, my complexion has cleared up and I’m no longer swollen!

But Wait!!! … I think I see a little definition in my abs … WHAAAAT! (BONUS)!

Kristin … you are a MASTER at what you do! I am living proof that Create My Weight works! Your passion, dedication and knowledge wrapped with your loving heart for your clients is magical.

The Nutrition video 1 and 2 and doing the CMW challenges were a game changer for me!

Thank you for all that you taught me …. I feel ‘solid” and can take it from here!

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Here's what Danita had to say, and how YOU can also be a success story: 

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