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Hi! I'm Kristin!

I help people lose weight and feel amazing without giving up the foods they love!

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Have you tried rigid dieting and fitness programs and failed to lose weight and keep it off? 
Do you need extra accountability in order to lose weight and stick to a plan? 
If so, you are in the right place. 
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Sophie, 29,

Boynton Beach, FL

Matt, 39,

allentown, pa

I had such an amazing and positive response working with Kristin.  She is one of the nicest, most dedicated people I've ever met.  I lost about 18 lbs which is amazing!

Kristin is, hands down, the most kind, intelligent, knowledgeable, and compassionate coach I have ever had. And the ONLY coach that has ever helped me lose this much weight!


What inspired

Create my Weight?

Yo-yo dieting. Overemphasis on exercise. Lack of motivation. Where do I begin? 

First, let me start off by saying this: I am 50% Italian, 50% Puerto Rican, and 100% female, so I cannot live happily without espresso, wine, chocolate, bread, and having a say in what and when I eat, thank you very much.


After starting my career in the health industry as a personal trainer and group exercise instructor, I succeeded in making exercise fun and helping clients integrate exercise into their weekly schedules to lose weight, build muscle, increase energy, and improve quality of life.


However, what I learned over the years is how often people overlook the single most important part of changing our bodies: consistency.

I worked with the same people-- private clients and class members--for years, and although they enjoyed working out and saw changes in their bodies, they still weren't 100% happy with themselves. Thousands of hours and dollars spent on personal training, gym memberships, and diet programs hadn't delivered their desired results.


They admitted that exercising wasn't the issue; the problem was sticking to a diet that allowed them to eat their favorite foods without guilt.

I got lots of questions, and I still do today, about all of the diets out there. "Does Keto work?", "have you tried the Whole 30?", and, "should I start tracking my macros?" While these have helped many people lose weight, only a small percentage keep it off and end up looking for the next solution. The truth is that I have tried these in the past, had success, and then gained the weight back when, inevitably, I stopped following the "rules".

Long story short, after writing meal plans for clients and steering them in the right direction for healthier eating, I learned that permanent weight loss can be WAY more complex than having all of the right information and motivation, which, let's be serious, fluctuates as much as our weight does.

Permanent weight loss requires the following criteria:

  • Creating an action plan for eating more healthy foods

  • Limiting the unhealthy foods

  • Learning nutrition and how our bodies utilize macronutrients

  • Making little changes overtime to prevent overwhelm and giving up

  • Celebrating small successes and not harping on setbacks

  • Having accountability for our behaviors

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About Kristin

Kristin Akbasli, MA, CISSN, CPT, FNS, FMS is the founder of Create my Weight. She's a certified personal trainer and nutrition coach who specializes in emotional eating, stress management, and creating healthy habits. She helps people create long-term weight loss solutions and improve their health, while eating their favorite foods and exercising as often as they want. Kristin resides in Delray Beach, FL and serves clients nationwide.

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